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Steven Snethkamp




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Interstellar Arias (2014)

for Orchestra // Audio (Paul Nadler conducting the Indiana University Philharmonic)


Escape (2014)



Disebmodied (2012)

for Flute and 2-Channel Fixd Media // Audio (Jessica Banks, Flute)


Lullaby (2011)

Audio (Aram Hyun, Piano)


Lunar Calligraphy 24 (2008):

video: 800kbs or 300kbs


Substance is Eternal (2012)

for Chorus, text from De Rerum Natura by Lucretius // Audio (Goncalo Lourenco conducting singers from Indiana University)


Sonnet No. 79

text by Pablo Neruda // Audio (Abby Mitchell, Soprano, Chappell Kingsland, piano)


Melting (2011):

8-Channel Fixed Media // Audio


Dances from the Luminiferous Ether (2012)

for Oboe, Violin, Cello, and Piano // Audio


Fractured Forest (2010):

video: 1600kbs or 800kbs


Ritual : Irrational (2009):

for Large Ensemble, Audio Excerpts:

m.1 // m.95 // m.167 // m.244 // m.418 // m.484

 // 517.388.4206